I've gotten a few emails and questions regarding Church Whip naming their East Coast tour RAPING THE EAST, so I decided to reply publicly.

The modern domestic punk community is a shell of what it seemed to be in the 80's. I have absolutely no interest in being a part of it, appeasing it, or putting out records that are widely accepted by it. Vinyl Rites has always existed as a means to document music I love by people I am close with. The international punk community has and will always be more interesting, vital, and embracing of what we do, and I prefer it this way. We are truly a Network of Friends, unfortunately surrounded by a massive number of tourists and leeches. I feel no need to defend Church Whip, as they have done nothing wrong, only to explain that it is your scene, not mine.


Shawn Maschino said...

real talk

Daniel Mummert said...

Thank you, If you want PC listen to Coldplay you fucks!

EestGosed said...

meow meow! mew!