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At long last these two gems are dropping. All parts are shipping to me now but no orders will ship until December 27th, as I refuse to deal with holiday lines at the post office.

NAZI DUST "Wretched Hour" 12" (RITES-29)

Certain cities make for incubators of specific kinds of music and Tampa, like Detroit, makes for ugly music. NAZI DUST is a hardcore punk band pulling from the nastier moments of 80's Boston hardcore, mostly SIEGE and SSD. Their recording is raw, their drums are pounding, their guitar and bass are buzzsaws of treble and distortion and the vocals are spit with an unreal amount of venom. Violent music from young men in a violent city.

1. Suffering
2. Wretched Hour
3. Flourish/Voices
4.Static Art
5. Disease of Flies
6. Doomed for a Loss
7. Empty Thoughtfuls
8. Self-Worth
9. Catharsis
10. Dull Regard

Here's the first track, SUFFERING:

Massive touring in 2012, no dates are ready to announce yet.

D. VASSALOTTI "Book of Ghosts" LP (RITES-25)

David has been cutting his teeth for 10 years in various bands around the Tampa area. Most recently he's been half of MERCHANDISE and a quarter of NEON BLUD, before that he was one of the primary song writers in CULT RITUAL, and all this time he has had 5+ other projects on deck. Very rarely do we drop the ex-members card at VINYL RITES, but having that kind of musical pedigree is pretty unbeatable. His first solo LP is wildly different from the aforementioned groups, although it shares some of the bedroom sensibilities that MERCHANDISE espouses so well. Luckily for all of us, great song writing transcends genre and with BOOK OF GHOSTS he explores more of the Creation Records and 4AD back catalog. His musical hombre ZZ compares it to FELT and TRANS era NEIL YOUNG. It seamlessly goes from intensely personal singer-songwriter numbers to huge and lush shoe-gazing darkness, from NEW ORDER pop to THIS MORTAL COIL downers. Not only our favorite release on VINYL RITES yet, but it's also one of the most hauntingly beautiful recordings we've heard in years.

1. L'incipit
2. Death Will One Day Rob Us All
3. Imaginary Boy
4. L'ange de L'assassinat
5. Graves
6. Jacob's Ladder
7. Mirror
8. The Last Days of Hart Crane
9. That Misery of Yours...
10. Beatrice

Here's a video Dave made for a track off the LP, check out the other videos on the Tampa crew's Vimeo page too:

And here is one of our favorite tracks off the album:

No touring planned yet.

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