These all sold out this week:
Mauser-End of the Line EP
Volcanic Slut-Blasphemaster EP
Shitstorm-Paranoid Existence 12"

The Mauser record will be repressed at some point, the other two probably will not. No Idea Records still has copies of all three, if anyone is jonesin'.

In September I will be relocating the label to Athens, GA, where I will have a small record store inside of Southern Vision on Broad St. The first week in September will bring not only the new storefront, but the HELLKONTROLL repress and the new DIET COKEHEADS record. Keep an eye out for a new address and pictures of the space, it looks great so far.


Migo said...

It's only proper to relocate. See to it that it's near your activities.

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Samuel Wilson said...

Have fun with the move! I hope business prospers for you in your new area.
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maria lim said...

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