43. ALLERGY-"peace fuckers" flexi-500 copies on black flexis.

41. VACCINE/NO FAITH-split 7"-220 copies on clear vinyl, 550 on black.

40. THE BODY/THOU-"released from love" 12"-2750 copies on black vinyl.

39. CHURCH WHIP-ep 7"-330 pressed, black vinyl, blank labels. ***SOLD OUT***

38. ECTOPLASM-ep 7"-550 pressed, all hand stamped and on black vinyl. ***SOLD OUT***

37. FOLKEIIS-"hate rebel blood stain" 12"-550 copies pressed on black vinyl. ***SOLD OUT***

36. CHURCH WHIP-"psychedelic nightmare" LP-550 copies pressed on black vinyl, 50 test presses with blank labels and alternate cover. ***SOLD OUT***

35. NEON PISS-"close the door/burn" 7" 880 copies pressed on black vinyl, 50 test presses with blank labels.

34. RAW MEAT-"demo" 7" 550 copies pressed on black vinyl, 50 test presses with insert and blank labels.

33. ST. DAD-"st. dad" 12" 550 copies pressed on black vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

32. NEON BLUD-"discotheque deathbed" 12" 330 copies on black vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

31. BRAIN KILLER-third 7" 700 copies, black vinyl. Split release with Framework.

30. MAUSER-"isolation ep" 12" 850 copies on black vinyl. 125 test presses for March 2012 Japanese tour. 500 copies on clear vinyl.

29. NAZI DUST-"wretched hour" 12" 1000 copies on black vinyl. 1000 copies on red vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

28. DIET COKEHEADS-"ocular" 7" 600 pressed on black vinyl, 100 of which are a special mail order version.

27. FOREIGN OBJECTS-"no sensation" cassette/12". 100 cassettes, 500 copies on black vinyl, 80 of which come with a screen printed poster. ***SOLD OUT***

26. DARK LION-demo on a 7". 300 copies on black vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

25. D. VASSALOTTI-"book of ghosts" LP. 550 copies on black vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

24. MAUSER-"end of the line ep" 7". 100 test presses with screen printed west coast tour covers, 25 unnumbered, 75 numbered (/100). 660 black vinyl. 330 copies white vinyl. 330 red vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

23. ORAL FIXATIONS audio zine by NATHAN LANE-cassette. 300 copies with laser cut covers, booklets and bags. About 80 covers on brown, the rest on black.***SOLD OUT***

22. VOLCANIC SLUT-"blasphemaster ep" 7". 300 copies on black vinyl. 100 copies on red vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

21. HELLKONTROLL-"wanker war ep" 10". First press of 300, hand stamped sleeves, silver on black screen printing, black on silver inserts. Second press of 211, red on black screen printing and inserts. ***SOLD OUT***

20. NOMOS/THE MEN-split cassette. 1st pressing: 100 green cassettes available from the bands, 150 red cassettes available from Vinyl Rites. 2nd pressing: 200 copies, new art by Rich Samis. ***SOLD OUT***

19. SHITSTORM-"paranoid existence" 12". 100 test presses, 300 regular press on black vinyl.***SOLD OUT***

18. AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER/BUKKAKE BOYS-split 7". 100 on clear with black on yellow covers, 400 on black with black on white covers. ***SOLD OUT***

17.WORLDS-"unforeseen paths" 7". 100 copies on clear, 200 on black. ***SOLD OUT***

16. DIET COKEHEADS-"nasal" 7". 100 on purple. 500 on black. Split with Drugged Conscience. Repress: 100 on black vinyl, yellow inserts. ***SOLD OUT***

15. POLLUTION-"120608" cassette. 250 made in 2 separate pressings. ***SOLD OUT***

14. BRAIN KILLER-demo on a 7". 1,000 pressed on black vinyl. Split with Deranged records.***SOLD OUT***

13. DEAD FRIENDS-s/t-mLP. 100 test press/tour versions with different art (uglier cover, sewed booklet, hand numbered sticker sealing booklet), 700 black vinyl, 100 clear. Split release with Drugged Conscience (US) and PurePainSugar (Europe).***SOLD OUT***

12. BODYROT-"tuff muscles" cassette. 150 pro-printed cassettes with full color J-cards. ***SOLD OUT***

11. DEAD FRIENDS-"how young is to young. how young is too young?" live cassette. 100 copies. ***SOLD OUT***

10. WITCHES-"collection" cassette. 100 made. ***SOLD OUT***

9. CHRONIC YOUTH-"das chillin" cassette. 100 pressed, heavy stock full color J-cards and inserts, stamped sticker. ***SOLD OUT***

8. DIET COKEHEADS-demo cassette. xeroxed/hand cut inserts, imprinted tapes. 100 made. ***SOLD OUT***

7. AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-"crust never sleeps" live cassette. 2 pressings of 100 each, both with silk screened covers. First press in jewel case, second in wrap around paper with stamped sticker. ***SOLD OUT***

6. BRAIN KILLER-"church and state" live cdr/8" lathe. 100 made. Silk screened covers. ***SOLD OUT***

5. MY BIG BLACK BOOK OF GHOSTS by Nathan Lane. 300 total printed, in different runs. ***SOLD OUT***

4. DEAD FRIENDS/BRAINSTORM-split cassette. 150 pro tapes. 2 different covers.***SOLD OUT***

3. MEHKAGO NT-s/t 12". 500 on black, 100 on red.***SOLD OUT***

2. MEHKAGO NT-"human extinction" e.p. 500 pressed on black. Various covers made.**SOLD OUT***

1. RELIGIOUS AS FUCK-"s/t" 7" 100 on clear, 400 on black. Silk screen covers, 6 or so different colors. ***SOLD OUT***

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